Monday, May 4, 2015

while we are on the subject

 If we are born healthy our bodies come equipped with a full range of motion. In our general life we neglect to use that full range. Poor, poor bodies. They have to get sick of never getting the chance to live to their full potential. How often do you stretch your arms above your head, grasp your hands behind your back or stretch your waist from side to side? If you are like me, you would probably answer seldom to never.

I've recently been thinking about this. Maybe that is because my left shoulder spent a year trying to learn what it's full range of motion was all over again. This time last year I had what is termed as a "frozen shoulder." I know the pain I felt was my shoulder yelling at me to use it so I wouldn't lose it.

This was all a reminder for me that my body will be there for me throughout my life as much as I show up for it. I'm going to start showing up. I am going to give my body what it needs on the level that feels right for me. Stretching will definitely be a huge part of it.

Is your body trying to tell you something? Maybe it's time to listen before it starts yelling, cause it will and it won't be nice about it when it does.
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