Friday, May 1, 2015

what can we do? / post 3 of 3

If we want to free ourselves from the grip of fear that leads us to individually live as though the world only belongs to us, we have to start to challenge our fear.

How can we challenge our fear? The answer is, we first need to recognize that the actions we take in the world that are not based on love are always based on fear. When we recognize fearful thoughts bubbling up we have to guide them to a place where we can soothe them and then release them.

Here are some examples of fear based thinking:

I'm worried about my health and I can't stop thinking I might get an incurable disease.
If I don't have a gun when someone tries to kill/hurt me or my family I will be defenseless.
God might send me to hell.
That person who cut me off in traffic disrespected me.
My significant other might fall in love with someone that's more attractive.
If I lose my job I will be homeless.
There are terrorist groups in my hometown.
If the Democrats take over our country it will go to ruin.
If the Republicans take over our country it will go to ruin.
My family members might become incurably sick or injured.
My love ones might die.
If my children realize that I was not a perfect parent then they won't love me.
My friends talk about me behind my back and secretly don't like me.
I will never find a mate.
I will never be able to have a baby.
I'm not pretty enough.
I'm not skinny enough.
If people really knew everything about me no one would love me.

So what can we do about these fears and the ones too numerous to mention? Seeing fear gives us the opportunity to combat it by challenging it. If there is a chance that what you fear is true then there is an equal chance that the opposite is true. The possibility that something will happen does not make it real. If it's not real and is only imagined you are thinking on the future. We cannot know the future. When you fear you are fearful of something that has not happened. If you are thinking on a thing that hasn't happened and you are fearful that it will, then you are only living from your fear and not from anything that is real. You could live like that thing might never happen just as easily as you live like it will. You could go an entire lifetime fearing something that ends up never happening. That would be a complete waste of a lifetime. If you can shift your thoughts from fear then you could see a world filled with love and abundance.

Here is a simple little exercise to carry with you for a few days. When a fearful thought comes up or you become anxious, jealous, worried or angry, stop in the moment and tell yourself to let it go. If it comes back, tell yourself to let it go again. You do not have to entertain these thoughts. You can just tell them to go away. If you have trouble letting go then think of something that makes you happy and visualize that for a bit. Go for a walk. Listen to music you love. Meditate. Breathe 10 slow and deep breaths. Find what works for you and do that instead of thinking on fearful thoughts.

If we don't challenge our fears we will only contribute more fear to the world. Until a lot of people wake up to this fact we will keep spinning our wheels never getting anywhere that holds promise.

Challenge your fears, that is what will wake you up to love.
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