Wednesday, April 29, 2015

scared to death / post 1 of 3

We have created a world that looks depressed, violent, full of hate, judgment, irrationality, filled with obstacles, sickness and dying. If you have a Facebook account you have looked down the barrel of the gun I'm referring to. I never knew that joining a social website would give me so much insight into the workings of the minds I'm surrounded by daily. It is filled and fueled by so much fear. Facebook holds a space for us to try to get others to see us and come to our way of thinking. We go there for the amens and the chances to be heard. I have found out a lot of things about other people I'd rather not have known on there. I'm sure people feel that way about me too. I call myself a liberal while the bulk of people around me think of themselves as conservative. The seeming separation of the two takes us to social media to try to convince others that the things we fear hold more value than what someone else might fear. You can throw all this fear into a bag and then draw it back out of the bag not knowing who threw it in and when it's drawn back out I don't think you would be able to recognize it's owner because it's all fear. The world has taught us fear and even though those fears may be different they are all still the same. Fear is fear.

I'm going to end this post in a question because it's something I want us all to think about. I'm not going to give my two cents worth in this particular post but perhaps I will in another. I just want those who read this here to write the rest of this post by answering the question for themselves in their own hearts. Here is the question. Has fear made our world better?
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