Tuesday, April 21, 2015

born free

I wish you could remember/I wish I could remember that time when your/my actions and reactions were our own.

When we were babes, fresh from our mamas, we were the freshness of the air, the crystal clearness of the water, the stillness of the soil beneath our own feet. We were pain free, flexible in all directions and perfect softness. We were perfection if perfection exists. Someone should have recognized this. Someone should have worked tirelessly to hold us in this space. Someone should have taken every moment to nourish the perfection that we were so that we would never be able to forget and so that freshness, crystal clearness and stillness would stay in place and carry us through life. Someone should have done that for us and those people that should have done that for us should have had someone who did that for them. But no one did for any of us.

People who have been taught by broken people, a broken community, a broken world, taught us how to act and react to the obstacles we face, whether these obstacles be real or imagined. They taught us to see obstacles. The lessons were that we are obstacles, other people are obstacles, lack is an obstacle and abundance is an obstacle.

Here we are long since leaving our mothers womb and all the broken lessons are stacked on us like fallen trees that we cannot seem to move. We can, however, look out from the prisons of our failed knowing and see the light. Light cannot be contained. If we can see it, we can expand it and finally raise enough energy to burst from our broken lives to be fresh and new again. You must first want this and this whisper of want, spoken into the world, will be the spark that grows you from your prison of brokenness.

You've not been held back, You only thought you were. You were born free and you still are if you can recall.
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