Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the untruths

There are times in our life when not getting what we want becomes our story. This came up a couple of times on Monday and that prompted me to write about it here. One of those times Monday was reading this post on The Sacred Science. The other was talking to someone I know. If I think about it, this seems to come up a lot in everyday life only like Shannon, sometimes you don't see it right away.

We paint what we want on our brain and we can see the picture of it so perfectly. We know exactly every detail of our picture. The problem with this is that when the thing we want comes our way we dismiss it because it didn't look exactly like the picture we painted in our mind. In  a case like that, you painted a picture that might not be your truth. 

You may have told yourself a story that was untrue. You didn't mean to. You just wanted what you want so badly that you overlooked the times when it came to you. I've done it myself. I almost did that with Bryan. Thank goodness I saw the error of my ways before he got tired of waiting. 

How do we tell ourselves the untrue stories? Because we only know the version we write on our minds. We don't have the thing we want so we can only imagine what it would be like to have it. We don't have perspective to go on. Sometimes we may oversell the thing we want in our minds but we might even undersell how good it would be to have it. We keep looking for the perfect match to our version of the story instead of having faith that what we get will be the perfect fit even if it doesn't match what we thought. 

I want to present an example of what I'm talking about. In love we think we know exactly what we want, never realizing there might be something better because we cannot picture something we don't know exists. In my relationship with Bryan, I'd been through every sort of relationship known to man and anyone I'd encountered like him in the past I'd let go because the relationship was outside what had been my normal. The men I dated didn't really care about who I was. They only cared about how I could shapeshift to make them happy. I dated a few men that didn't treat me like that but they always seemed too nice to me. I grew so used to being with people who didn't love me like I was that when I found people who did, I didn't know how to react. I quickly pushed them away out of fear. Then I'd find another person who treated me the way I'd grown comfortable with. In the case with Bryan I realized my pattern and decided to stick it out just to see where it went even though I wasn't sure. I finally found someone who loved me for me even though I didn't realize that was something I had been missing. The picture of my life partner turned out to be better than the one I had painted on my mind. As soon as I stopped looking around him to see what was coming next I finally saw him standing there being exactly what I needed.

You may have told yourself a story that is untrue. Think about how you could tell yourself a better story or be open to the one that shows up.
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