Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lenny and Eva

Lenny and Eva seems to have taken over the world. So, I'm probably not sharing anything new by posting this. Well, just in case you've never heard of the company, now you have. It's a homegrown company and we are so proud that it is a part of our community here in the Upper Cumberland.

My love for Lenny and Eva started when Kellie asked to do a season's shoot at our house when we lived in Cookeville.

She was so kind to gift me with so many pieces just for sharing our home for the shoot. She was beyond generous and that's probably another reason why she continues to have so much success with her line. This girl won me with all her kindness. After that I was hooked. Not to mention that it's just so darn easy to love. Even though she gave me so much product I still buy myself new pieces all the time and it's my go to when I'm gift giving to the girls in my life.

I love their products and there is something for everyone. My style is a bit tomboy and it suits me perfectly. They have a lot of items that are girly as well. Imagine everything between those to points and they have that too. I love that, without fail, they always manage to grow the line every season. Just when you think they have thought of it all then they do something new.

I also find bits and bobbles on etsy that easily mix with the different types of cuffs and bracelets. You can see that in my photos. There are no rules. You can mix it up however you like.

My father-in-law sells the brand at his store, Thompson's Jewelry and Gifts in Celina. If you are around and want to check it out in person they'll be happy to help you.
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