Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Great Great-Grandma was a Witch

Sally was a witch. There are a few witchy stories that have floated through the room during family gatherings about times she used her witchery. Of course no one of my age ever knew her. She died long before anyone ever knew I'd be a thing.

Gosh, how I'd like to talk with her and tell her of the times that I felt like I might have inherited her witching trait. I'd ask her if being a witch like her was the reason that sometimes I know things before anyone else does. Does it have anything to do with the way I always feel like I am protected, like I have an invisible layer of insulation that keeps me from harm? Did she give this to me through her blood that still runs the veins of our family?

I'd tell her that sometimes people who have passed tell me messages for other family members like pouring thoughts into my head like they are water. I bet she would know about these things. I bet she'd know about water messages that you cannot hear but the mind takes in somehow anyway.

I can't have the conversations with her that I'd like to have but I say them to her anyway like they are prayers. I say them like they are smoke signals. Maybe some of the water words belong to her. Great Great Grandma Sally was a witch and she'd know the way to whisper to me in watery words that cannot be heard but my mind takes in somehow anyway.
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