Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Be the Water not the Rock

Of all the lessons I've learned in life this is the hardest one. It's the one I think I've got down and then I'll start feeling bad and realize that I've become a rock again.

When you are like the water you can take everything in stride. The water doesn't set expectation and then become upset when those expectations are not met. It continues to flow passed every obstacle.

On the days I find myself becoming rock like I'll tell myself, "Be the water not the rock." That usually works. If it doesn't then I use my imagination to soar above the earth and look down at all the bad things I imagine are happening to people less fortunate than me. Then I look over at my tiny obstacles and realize my need to be fluid again. It's a great way to put things into perspective. It makes you see how little it matters that your internet is slow, that someone said something unkind about you or that you had a bad hair day.
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