Thursday, July 10, 2014

the year of penny

In our household it's a rather big deal to set goals for the betterment of our beings. It's kind of our thing. When we do it we like to use rituals to kind of give the goals something to dig heels into. There's the Arrow Day that we use to start off the year and now we've added Full Moon & New Moon rituals. The moon rituals just seem to be a good way to keep momentum throughout the year. At the beginning of 2014 B declared this "the year of Penny." Well, to be more accurate it's the year of Bryan & Tonya but we do say the year of Penny as a catchall for the both of us.
I've had a habit for years of saying, I'm gonna get up earlier, meditate more, exercise daily and write morning pages. This has indeed been the year for this. I get up near  5AM, write my page(s), exercise and meditate before I do anything else. My legs have definition again, I workout issues on paper instead of holding them in and I'm finally using the tiny room we had put in just for meditation when we built this house. It makes me feel so good to know that I have not lost my ability to have discipline like I had in my 20s. I thought I'd lost that. I know I can stick to a routine now. I've always been a morning person and it just made sense to direct all my good intentions to that space in the day when I am at my best.

Do you have any sort of activity/rituals that you do to keep yourself motivated on your path? For us it has been such a good experience. I cannot tell you how many arrows I have left on that hill over there that found their attached goal into existence. I can tell ya one real quick and I am sitting in it. We both made arrows for this house. We had 101 hoops to jump through just to be allowed to build here. Before we built every person who stood on this land looked out and wondered how and why. After the house was finished all of the folks that love us finally told us when we talked about building here that they could not imagine a house on this hill. We imagined it and not only that we made it a goal to find a way and we did.

I know it may seem ridicules to consider a ritual for setting goals but it is so much better than just writing on paper. Using ritual you are opening up space for your intentions like planting seeds in a well tended ground. The difference is like having a party with a theme, decorations and great food instead of a party in a blank unfurnished room with nothing to eat. You want a good send off for your goals when you set them free to find their way to manifestation. You will feel like you did something to earn the rewards when they come. Just give it a try and see if it doesn't make you feel giddy.
 This could be your year of Penny too.
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