Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the mechanic’s guide to manifesting a happy life

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of material about manifestation. There are so many books about it and not enough time.
What I mean when I say manifestation is the idea that what you hold in your thoughts regarding your life, you bring into being. In other words, if you think it, you will become it. I believe strongly in this but I’d really like to just talk more about the mechanics of it more than the metaphysical aspect. Every book I’ve ever read talks about it from a spiritual aspect. I am not opposed to that concept but I’ve always been a meat and potatoes kinda gal. I just need to know why more than anything else. If I know how to build a car engine I will also know how to repair it. Get me? So here we go.
Find a quiet place and close your eyes (after you read this of course). Now, look at your life through your mind’s eye. As you think about each question also think about what it feels like to be where you are concerning how you answer. What does it feel like to be you and have what you have, want what you want and how do you feel about the prospects? Here are the questions:
Where are you in your life? Have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish? Are you afraid you cannot accomplish what you want and do you feel like you will never accomplish more than you have now? Do you want for anything you do not have and if so, do you feel like these things are attainable?
However you answered these questions, that is manifestation. You have obtained exactly what you thought you would. How can you accomplish something you do not know.
How does that work in the real world? From a purely of this world, right this minute perspective you cannot know what you do not know. What I mean by that is, if you do not know something your mind cannot just make it up. You first have to know it. It’s not that you cannot learn but you have to seek to do that. Once you have sought the new knowledge and you understand it, you now know it. Duh!
That, my friends, is the mechanics of manifestation.
How do you use that to bring about what you want in life?
You use your imagination. Your imagination is the way that you come into contact with knowing what it feels like to get what you want. If you cannot feel it, you cannot know it and if you do not know it you cannot have it. When you know the feeling you act accordingly.
Try this little exercise. Think about a person you love and think about how you act when you see them. Now think about someone you are not fond of and how you act when you see them. Big difference I’m sure. Why do you think you act different to these people? The answer is you act on what your mind thinks. Do you think the person you don’t like can sense that you do not like them? I’m sure they can and unless they are a highly evolved person they are going to act back to you how they are treated. If you treat them like you do not like them they are probably not going to come racing up, embrace you and tell you how happy they are to see you. That is manifestation. Next time you see that person you’re not fond of, imagine that you like them and see if you act different and in doing so, notice if they interact with you in a different way. They will probably do some second guessing. They will probably think, “I thought John didn’t like me but maybe he does and man, he seems pretty cool.”
If you go into a job interview and you believe you will not be hired, how do you think you will act? If you believe you will be hired don’t you think you will interview better and seem far more accessible? For sure you will. Again, manifestation.
So, moral of this story is, if you want something, learn what it feels like to have it using your imagination. Then, you will act accordingly and bring it into being.
I promise you that your mind does not know an imagined picture from one that is real. It is all the same up there in your little noggin’.
Okay, one last thingy. Now you are probably asking yourself, “Tonya, if you are right about all this then why is this the first I’m hearing about it (assuming it is)?” This is new to you because the people you know do not know this. Why do they not know it? Because no one taught them and let’s just say it, most folks don’t want to think this hard. The great thing about being alive is that as long as you breath you have options. You can reevaluate any belief you have and turn around and look at it with fresh eyes and decide if you want to persist or change.
Note: I didn’t want to make this post so long folks would be turned away. I’ve tried to explain this the best way I can, using as little wording as I felt I could. If you still don’t grasp what I’m saying, feel free to ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer.
Oh and, you should read that Wayne Dyer book in the link in the first sentence of this post. It is beyond amazing.

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