Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to Check In


Since my last post on this blog I’ve done a lot of taking stock. It’s going well and I feel like I am learning a lot. I’ve wanted to come back to post from time to time but it always felt forced. I’ve just been waiting it out, waiting for the feeling of not being able to live without sharing. I am starting to feel it again.

I’ve written a huge outline that I will be turning into blog post but it’s going to take time. It’s some really heavy but liberating stuff. I titled the outline:

Life Secrets No One Bothers To Tell You

(because no one told them)

It’s original intent was to be a talk for pre-teens/teens but there is so much good info in it I decided to share it this way. All of the content of this talk stems from lessons I’ve learned in adulthood. Knowing this made me realize that it could be beneficial to all age groups. So, this is the next thing you can expect to see here. Stay tuned.

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