Sunday, September 23, 2012

You Always Fulfill Your Own Prophecies

Prophecy - A prediction of what will happen in the future.

What you think can't help but become reality. There's just no way around it. Let's think about this scenario:

You see a person that you think doesn't like you. What will your reaction be when you run into them? Maybe you:

•Avoid them?
•Pretend you don't see them?
•Look at them but don't speak?

Be honest. Would you walk up and speak to someone you think doesn't like you in the same manner as you friends, family, and close acquaintances? You know that you wouldn't. What do you think happens when you don't? You put that person in a position to react to the signals you are putting out. If they decide to go up to you upon seeing your reaction to them, then they are now in the same place mentally you are.  That place is a feeling of insecurity, thinking you might react to them poorly. Now no one has good feelings about the interaction. It might appear neither of you care for one another. 

You just fulfilled the thing you thought with your mind. By thinking the thing with your mind and acting according to your thoughts you have created the very thing you thought would happen.

Now this is just one scenario but believe me when I say, we do this with our life all the time. I know this and still I have no immunity to it. I still have to remind myself and try to be better.

Got it? It's a tough lesson and a hard one. Even when you get it your ego won't always allow you to move passed it. You just have to try to always be a witness to where your mind is and step through the door leaving your ego on the other side.
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