Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a fresh new space

I have been to the moon and back again when it comes to blogging. I guess I could never find my niche when I looked  for reasons to own a blog. Every blog I've had usually always ended up as a personal diary that I could use to look back at how we'd lived life. I do enjoy that because it makes me count the many ways in which I am blessed on a daily basis. It is good to have gratitude and folks, if I have nothing else, I have that.

We all have talent. The key to making use of it is to first figure out what our talent is. I've known for a long time that my greatest talent was the innate ability to be happy. When you have this ability some times it takes a while to see that not everyone has this. I'm not saying this to lift myself up. There are people on the street that have loads of talent that I don't have but would love to have. I really wish I could sing (my family probably does too) but I can't AT ALL. I'm happy folks share their talent for singing with me because what would life be like without music? Why bring up my happiness talent? Because I finally realized that it was my gift and that if I'm going to have a blog this is what I should be sharing.

Two things for now:
  1. I have written a tiny 3 day exercise to start you on the road to recognizing one reason you might not be happy. You can find it on it's own tab way up there (pretend there is an arrow here pointed up).
  2. I had a little epiphany that led me to plan a peace day on 12-12-12. I hope you will join in on this day. Look for the blog post coming soon.
First blog post complete (pretend there is a check mark after that statement).

Peace out!

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