Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Razor’s Edge

The Razor’s Edge is a lovely movie that illustrates so well the lessons we are trying to learn. It is a 1984 movie staring Bill Murray.

In this movie Murray’s character Larry Darrell goes to war as a Red Cross worker. While at war he witnesses so much death and destruction that when he returns home he realizes how empty and shallow his life was. When he arrives home he begins to live with intention and meaning, believing it to be his path since he was spared when so many others had not been. He leaves home and the promise of a lucrative career and beautiful fiancé to find his purpose in the world. He works in a coalmine and a fish market. He lives in a rat infested apartment. He searches for meaning while loving life. In the end he learns that who you really are is more important than who you appear to be to others.

I know I’ve told you the whole movie but there is plenty to be learned from seeing it yourself. If you have Netflix you can rent it here or buy it from Amazon here.
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