Friday, June 21, 2019

the face that loves

Never forget that person who makes you feel loved. They are the most important. When you search your life for love or even look for self-love, you can remember what it looks like in that face. The face that let you dance on his toes until you had his movements down, the face that smiled across the crowd when you were nervous and wondering how you were doing in your latest endeavor, the face that took you at 9 to get your ears pierced because he knew you wanted it, the face that was always there to support you and the only face in any picture of you as an infant. It's a love that is so pure, you may never know it again. It's the love you lack for yourself but draw inspiration from. It's the love that lets you know love is possible and that you deserve it and are worthy. It's the face you see when you look in the mirror that won't leave even after taking a last breath.

This is me with the sex change Snapchat filter. It's him.
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