Friday, June 1, 2018

Steam Powered Aereocast Pop Up II

We did it again. Here's another surprise episode of the podcast. It's a rambling mess of a thing. There was no Truckston, got that wrong but really I'm sure there is one somewhere. B also had the wrong Drew retweet about the baby names. It was a Drew Magary retweet, details here: 

Royals fan from, like, before‏ @kevbo9 May 16 

My 1st grader finished school yesterday. She brought home her year book. Here is a sampling of some names from said year book: Caydince Dokken Blayk (girl) Kollyn (girl) Brayzdn Jaxis Gwenevere Brycon Hawken Leilynd (boy) Zaylyn (boy)

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