Thursday, March 1, 2018

If A Three Year Old Girl Can Understand This So Can We

“This is it. This is life, the one you get. So go and have a ball”
 –theme song to One Day at a Time

This is B talking. Yes, THE B, the one TK rambles on like I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread. While I think she exaggerates my greatness from time to time I’m not going to critique her blog when she is kind enough to give me space to preach to her many followers.

As a household we regularly make lists of things to do in the year as well as the yearly arrow ceremony  where we  pick three things we want to get rid of in our life and three things we want to bring into our life. Recently I’ve started giving a theme to the year to try and kickstart the process. Last year was “balls to the wall”. Yes, I know that’s crude and childish, I told you TK exaggerates my greatness. The thought was we routinely go to work, go home, watch tv for a few hours then go to bed, rinse, wash, repeat. Balls to the Wall 2017 was meant to be a year of burning the candle at both ends, or at least one end. Just endless action and excitement. No surprise, but we didn’t see much of that endless action. By all accounts 2017 was a shit year for all involved. I don’t want to veer into politics but 2017 as a year was garbage. Honestly 2017 for our household was pretty great; we took a trip out of the country for the 1st time, everyone we love stayed fairly healthy, no one lost their jobs or got sick or injured but it still was…just…depressingly sad.

So for 2018 we need to kick out the jams. Blow out the cobwebs and get to living. I came up with a great theme for 2018 that resonated with the year and had all kinds of double and triple meanings and then I immediately forgot it. I was sharing this with TK and we got to reminiscing about a story when Kenlee was around 3 years old. As you may know I’m a sucker for my niece. At the time we were traveling to Louisiana to visit Lance on his graduation from basic training. Kenlee and her mom, along with Lance’s then wife was along for the journey. We had stopped at a Sonic along the way to get some grub. I was placing the order for the group when Lance’s wife made a change to her order and said “Sorry, I meant to order (whatever)”. It was then that 3-year-old Kenlee piped up and shouted “That’s okay girl”. Meaning, firstly, I don’t know your name, but secondly, chill out, life goes on, people make mistakes, it’s just a Sonic order. So 2018 is now “That’s okay girl” themed. Yes, we elected a childish egomaniac as president, yes we could all die at any moment, but it’s okay girl. We’ll get through this.

Ya’ll have a great 2018. It’s okay girl. 
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