Friday, March 2, 2018

My head is always "stuck" in an audio book. I can't stop myself. I don't get all the way through one before I start another. Saying that probably gives you a kind of false view of what I mean.What I mean is that I have multiple books going at all times. Some paper and some audible. There is a surprise that you get when you read like that. If you read things that you can actually learn from you will take the ideas of one author and the ideas from another and then another and you will connect dots from all those sources that those authors have not been able to connect without all the cross content that you are immersing yourself in. You should give it a try if you don't read multiple books at the same time. It's just so awesome when you are the link that brings similar points of view into focus. You can figure out a lot of things for yourself that way. So, having said all of that I want to tell you about some conclusions I've been able to come to. I am no expert obviously but I am good at picking up patterns and connecting dots.

I've read about people being treated mind, body and soul in the Amazon rainforest who came home cured of disease. I've read about people healing their bodies by imaging a healed body in their mind. I've read that if we live a stressful lifestyle our bodies will become diseased and can be cured by changing the parts of your life that cause you stress. I've read about people taking herbs and being magically cured. I've read about people so near death that their soul came out of their bodies and had experiences that cured their body when they returned to it. I've read about people being healed by sugar water that they thought was medicine. I've read about people who were healed/disease free that died immediately when they learned that the thing they believed made them well was in fact ineffective at treating their disease. I've read about people who had cancer that got well when they were given a false well diagnosis and sited that they believed they were dying until the MD told them they were well.

Many doctors are even coming around on the bodies ability to be healed by the mind and life circumstance changes. These doctors are starting to move away from traditional healing practices and are embracing treating the whole person as in mind, body and soul. They know something is wrong with the way medicine is practiced traditionally. They are finding success in alternative ways.

When Donna Eden first started to practice Energy Healing. She had to go to court with some who practiced medicine in her community because she was taking people away from the traditional medical practice when her techniques started healing people. She was able to prove what she did worked in the case was decided in her favor.

We should not regularly dismiss alternative ways of healing because it is not the status quo. It is getting more obvious all the time that we have to take these matters into our own hands. We would not have a opioid addiction problem on our hands in this country if not for the toxicity of the current medical model. How can we trust these people who at some point chose to contribute to dependency for profit? I think it is fair to say that they don't have our best interest at heart.

So, read, read a lot and read multiple books at the same time. Take in all sorts of information and don't be afraid to look at ideas that may seem way out there and different from your current beliefs. Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to how you take care of your health. I feel like your instincts are more trustworthy than that of those entangled in the United States pill mill we call the medical industry. Go at it with an open mind and open heart and you will know the truth when you see it. 
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