Friday, January 12, 2018

here's a little story for ya

This old world we live in has taught us a lot of untruth about our health. I know when you have really bad health that you can get really scared and when you are trying to get better it's really easy to believe what you are told and follow blindly. I believe that most doctors do not mean to mislead you. They are taught to take care of your health the way they do. The thing is that there are a lot of alternatives to take care of your health that no one ever teaches them. In fact, I'd wager that they even teach them to warn you against actively seeking to get better through other means than surgery and chemical medicine and treatments. I know they did my grandfather whose cancer markers where normal a few months before he finally died from health complications due to cancer.

My Granddaddy got a diagnosis that his cancer count was back in normal range after taking herbs from John Warner. He went to his doctor, got the news about his cancer count and when he told the doctor why he believed he was better the MD told him that if he didn't get off the natural stuff and back on the drugs he prescribed he would die and that it is common for the cancer count to be within normal range at times but it did not mean he was well. The herbs were costly and his children were paying for the monthly supply and that really bothered him and contributed to his decision to follow the MD's advice to stop the herbs and get back on the medication that his insurance would pay for. He died about 2 months later.

Here's a little more backstory on this. Granddaddy was so sick that he could not walk through the house without standby assistance in early Spring of his last year. If he fell he could not get back up. He was also starting to lose control of his bowels. The Worley's loaned him a book from the drugstore about natural healing and he read it cover to cover. Then a friend told me about John Warner and he went to him and started taking the treatment he suggested. That Summer he came out of his recliner that before the herbs, he needed help rising from, stopped needing someone to walk beside him and with the help of family, he made the last garden he would ever make in his life. I have to tell ya folks, I have never and will never get over losing him at the hands of a "professional's" advice. There is no part of me that believes that what his doctor told him was correct and it ultimately caused him to die sooner than was necessary. I've blamed that doctor since but maybe the real thing I didn't allow into the equation is the fact that this doctor believed he was doing something that would prolong Granddaddy's life. I'm starting to come around on that.

I just want to put this out into the world but believe me it is not my last word on this. This post is just setting the stage for what's to come. Better strap down cause the storm is a comin'. Stay tuned.
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