Monday, April 16, 2018

it's not nothing

It's something to show we are alive and well. I'm just not posting much of anywhere but Instagram right now. 

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

F*ck This Post

I wrote this post 2 other times and posted both of them long enough to regret it and then I saved them back to draft mode. This is attempt number 3 where I blame everyone else a lot less. 

Don't we secretly want our own little utopia where everyone agrees with us, pats us on the back and praises us for being the most ingenious, beautiful and special being in all the universe that includes earth? There they write musicals about us and hold parades in honor of our brilliance. No, you say. Me either. Whatever. But then aren't we all just full of shit. The problem with utopia is that it never fuckin' works. You wouldn't need a utopia if you didn't need everyone to agree with you. If they all agreed with you then they'd agree that they need everyone to agree with them. Once one person isn't in agreement over one sorry little thing then they will try to gather a team of people who agree that you are wrong about that one sorry little thing and then your utopia is blown to hell and chaos ensues. May as well be back in the real world with everyone else who didn't follow you to utopia.  

We are all different. Some of us want people to be treated equally and celebrated for what makes them different and generally don't care if you like them or not. Some people give all of themselves and are mostly concerned about how you feel about them and need very much to be liked. Some people think the world revolves around them, they ask you to give and give and never give a thing back in return and assume there isn't a chance in hell that you'd dislike them. Some folks live to judge and that is all they do. Some folks have most all their shit together and are earnest in all they do and they value people in the best of ways. Some people only live to hate because they hate themselves and they cannot imagine a world where hate isn't the default. Then there are all those people I cannot even begin to pigeonhole because I have no frame of reference. How the fuck does any of us not stab each other in the eye with a pencil? There is just too much to account for and some people are just too far the other way for us to understand. Let's just throw our hands in the air. 

I can sit here again and tell you why I should be the sole survivor in my own personal wars like I have in two other posts that I wrote because Mercury in Retrograde is fucking me up but luckily it's also making me better. Now I just want to say that if we all feel like shit right now there is still time for a do over. No one is stopping us from saying, "you know what? I'm gonna make up some new rules and I'm gonna shake some shit up in a good way." Then you can take your relationships that feel like crap and polish those turds into diamonds. If they were shit before you probably contributed to that and now you have the chance to make them what you always wished they were. Don't sit back and wish the other person would realize why they were your biggest Festivus recipient for the person who disappointed you the most this year. You disappoint yourself because you are bigger than that. Change your fucking mind. I will if you will.

Sorry for all the bad words but they were used for dramatic effect because we both know we need the shaking up. 

Lurve to ya from this Festivus Queen of Mercury in Retrograde. I'm doing it like an effin' boss. Now break and go kick some ass in the sweetest of ways an ass can be kicked. 

Yep, that already feels better and I think maybe I'll leave this one.

Friday, March 2, 2018

My head is always "stuck" in an audio book. I can't stop myself. I don't get all the way through one before I start another. Saying that probably gives you a kind of false view of what I mean.What I mean is that I have multiple books going at all times. Some paper and some audible. There is a surprise that you get when you read like that. If you read things that you can actually learn from you will take the ideas of one author and the ideas from another and then another and you will connect dots from all those sources that those authors have not been able to connect without all the cross content that you are immersing yourself in. You should give it a try if you don't read multiple books at the same time. It's just so awesome when you are the link that brings similar points of view into focus. You can figure out a lot of things for yourself that way. So, having said all of that I want to tell you about some conclusions I've been able to come to. I am no expert obviously but I am good at picking up patterns and connecting dots.

I've read about people being treated mind, body and soul in the Amazon rainforest who came home cured of disease. I've read about people healing their bodies by imaging a healed body in their mind. I've read that if we live a stressful lifestyle our bodies will become diseased and can be cured by changing the parts of your life that cause you stress. I've read about people taking herbs and being magically cured. I've read about people so near death that their soul came out of their bodies and had experiences that cured their body when they returned to it. I've read about people being healed by sugar water that they thought was medicine. I've read about people who were healed/disease free that died immediately when they learned that the thing they believed made them well was in fact ineffective at treating their disease. I've read about people who had cancer that got well when they were given a false well diagnosis and sited that they believed they were dying until the MD told them they were well.

Many doctors are even coming around on the bodies ability to be healed by the mind and life circumstance changes. These doctors are starting to move away from traditional healing practices and are embracing treating the whole person as in mind, body and soul. They know something is wrong with the way medicine is practiced traditionally. They are finding success in alternative ways.

When Donna Eden first started to practice Energy Healing. She had to go to court with some who practiced medicine in her community because she was taking people away from the traditional medical practice when her techniques started healing people. She was able to prove what she did worked in the case was decided in her favor.

We should not regularly dismiss alternative ways of healing because it is not the status quo. It is getting more obvious all the time that we have to take these matters into our own hands. We would not have a opioid addiction problem on our hands in this country if not for the toxicity of the current medical model. How can we trust these people who at some point chose to contribute to dependency for profit? I think it is fair to say that they don't have our best interest at heart.

So, read, read a lot and read multiple books at the same time. Take in all sorts of information and don't be afraid to look at ideas that may seem way out there and different from your current beliefs. Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to how you take care of your health. I feel like your instincts are more trustworthy than that of those entangled in the United States pill mill we call the medical industry. Go at it with an open mind and open heart and you will know the truth when you see it. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

If A Three Year Old Girl Can Understand This So Can We

“This is it. This is life, the one you get. So go and have a ball”
 –theme song to One Day at a Time

This is B talking. Yes, THE B, the one TK rambles on like I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread. While I think she exaggerates my greatness from time to time I’m not going to critique her blog when she is kind enough to give me space to preach to her many followers.

As a household we regularly make lists of things to do in the year as well as the yearly arrow ceremony  where we  pick three things we want to get rid of in our life and three things we want to bring into our life. Recently I’ve started giving a theme to the year to try and kickstart the process. Last year was “balls to the wall”. Yes, I know that’s crude and childish, I told you TK exaggerates my greatness. The thought was we routinely go to work, go home, watch tv for a few hours then go to bed, rinse, wash, repeat. Balls to the Wall 2017 was meant to be a year of burning the candle at both ends, or at least one end. Just endless action and excitement. No surprise, but we didn’t see much of that endless action. By all accounts 2017 was a shit year for all involved. I don’t want to veer into politics but 2017 as a year was garbage. Honestly 2017 for our household was pretty great; we took a trip out of the country for the 1st time, everyone we love stayed fairly healthy, no one lost their jobs or got sick or injured but it still was…just…depressingly sad.

So for 2018 we need to kick out the jams. Blow out the cobwebs and get to living. I came up with a great theme for 2018 that resonated with the year and had all kinds of double and triple meanings and then I immediately forgot it. I was sharing this with TK and we got to reminiscing about a story when Kenlee was around 3 years old. As you may know I’m a sucker for my niece. At the time we were traveling to Louisiana to visit Lance on his graduation from basic training. Kenlee and her mom, along with Lance’s then wife was along for the journey. We had stopped at a Sonic along the way to get some grub. I was placing the order for the group when Lance’s wife made a change to her order and said “Sorry, I meant to order (whatever)”. It was then that 3-year-old Kenlee piped up and shouted “That’s okay girl”. Meaning, firstly, I don’t know your name, but secondly, chill out, life goes on, people make mistakes, it’s just a Sonic order. So 2018 is now “That’s okay girl” themed. Yes, we elected a childish egomaniac as president, yes we could all die at any moment, but it’s okay girl. We’ll get through this.

Ya’ll have a great 2018. It’s okay girl. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

bloggin' ain't easy

I am so inspired to write and make video's right now but most of of the things I want to say are so divisive. Instead of placing it here I've been going to facebook with it. I do not agree with 90% of the people I follow and they really do not like it if you disagree. That is why I rarely ever comment on someone's post. I certainly do not tag people in post unless it is something I think they are looking for or something I think they might want like if I see something that might help Trista's foot (I did that). 

I commented on a post someone wrote about Facebook only being for cupcake photos and children's accomplishments, I should not have. I don't eat or make cupcakes and my children are adults and their accomplishments are much like all other adults. Just like my blog, I post about politics and equality but this gun thing has really be testing my patients lately. So, I've blown up my feed with that. One of those times I reposted something and my insides were trembling when I wrote the words I added to the post. I am just that passionate about it. It's just hard to see people say they are "pro guns" (this did happen in one post) when all you want to say back is "I'm pro not murdering children at school." To say that you are pro guns sounds like that is where your loyalty lies in this debate. I know they don't mean that but just think about how that sounds when you take that stance in these conversations about mass murder.

My aim has always been to change the minds of those who think we are not all equal and those who put politics and religion in the way of the safety of our citizens. I tried to go back into time to see how long I've been writing about these things and the best I could tell it was 2005. I believe what Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” Only by gathering to celebrate the outcomes you want can you draw these things to you. If you gather to protest you only draw the thing you do not want. That is why so many protest do nothing and why speaking to congress often fails. I know my posts go over that line too. I tried for a long time to keep it positive on this blog but I also know that if you do not speak your truth surrounded by 90% of the people who believe the same way, they may never hear another perspective. So, I believe more like Maya Angelou in that regard. I know all the arguments on the other side. Believe me when I say that. I hear them everyday. 

Here is my final thought on this subject. There is no way in this world a gun is on the side of love. If it's not love then it's fear and hate. Fear and hate are not love. Jesus would not have carried a gun. I believe he would have hung with the other folks not carrying. And I believe he would have stood in front of the gun no matter who it was aimed at. 

Oh, and also I know it's time for me to get back off facebook. Seeing the ugly side of people does not bring out the best in me. It's hard to keep quiet after seeing so many posts of thinly veiled racism by people who don't exactly understand that is what it is. You start seeing people you thought you liked in a whole other way. It's really hard to hold back when these same people don't like how you use facebook and all you have to do is scroll back in their feed and see they did the same thing they accuse others of. Well, actually if I'm truthful they did it in the same paragraph they they made the accusation in. Goodbye again facebook, you've always been a struggle for me and like always I won't miss you but I will miss all the views this blog gets from the traffic source and being able to see who watches my stories. That was always fun and sometimes a big old surprise. I think I'll be a better person without it. Now if I could just stop reading the news and twitter I could shield myself from reality just like those who watch Fox News. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

here's a little story for ya

This old world we live in has taught us a lot of untruth about our health. I know when you have really bad health that you can get really scared and when you are trying to get better it's really easy to believe what you are told and follow blindly. I believe that most doctors do not mean to mislead you. They are taught to take care of your health the way they do. The thing is that there are a lot of alternatives to take care of your health that no one ever teaches them. In fact, I'd wager that they even teach them to warn you against actively seeking to get better through other means than surgery and chemical medicine and treatments. I know they did my grandfather whose cancer markers where normal a few months before he finally died from health complications due to cancer.

My Granddaddy got a diagnosis that his cancer count was back in normal range after taking herbs from John Warner. He went to his doctor, got the news about his cancer count and when he told the doctor why he believed he was better the MD told him that if he didn't get off the natural stuff and back on the drugs he prescribed he would die and that it is common for the cancer count to be within normal range at times but it did not mean he was well. The herbs were costly and his children were paying for the monthly supply and that really bothered him and contributed to his decision to follow the MD's advice to stop the herbs and get back on the medication that his insurance would pay for. He died about 2 months later.

Here's a little more backstory on this. Granddaddy was so sick that he could not walk through the house without standby assistance in early Spring of his last year. If he fell he could not get back up. He was also starting to lose control of his bowels. The Worley's loaned him a book from the drugstore about natural healing and he read it cover to cover. Then a friend told me about John Warner and he went to him and started taking the treatment he suggested. That Summer he came out of his recliner that before the herbs, he needed help rising from, stopped needing someone to walk beside him and with the help of family, he made the last garden he would ever make in his life. I have to tell ya folks, I have never and will never get over losing him at the hands of a "professional's" advice. There is no part of me that believes that what his doctor told him was correct and it ultimately caused him to die sooner than was necessary. I've blamed that doctor since but maybe the real thing I didn't allow into the equation is the fact that this doctor believed he was doing something that would prolong Granddaddy's life. I'm starting to come around on that.

I just want to put this out into the world but believe me it is not my last word on this. This post is just setting the stage for what's to come. Better strap down cause the storm is a comin'. Stay tuned.

Friday, January 5, 2018

So I'm Back Over Here Now

I so hope you followed along with Waking Your Sleeping Soul. It is a bank of important knowledge that can make you well, sane and young, yes young. If you did follow along you might have noticed that some of the lessons are already things you inherently know deep inside but really have never brought up to consciousness before. That is what makes this so amazing. You are really just waking up your soul like the title of the course says.

When I decided to write this or to just take some things I had already written and mix it with new things, my thought was to make a tool box full of tools to help you quickly make some self realizations. We spend so much time in the reality of day to day life in the headspace of just trying to get through the day, that we never realize that we have hardwired a way of life into our brains. We forget that everyday we have options we never explore and that if the way we think isn't working for us we can just choose to think another way. If the way we live isn't working for us we can also just choose to live another way. I've feel like I have a real grasp on this in many parts of my life but not socially and in work. Those are my areas to work on. If I could get friendship, networking and finding a way to connect better with whatever job I hold, I will  feel like I've won life. I'm good on love, family, parenting, providing, creativity, hobbies, play, home, money, health, aging well, mind body connection, meditation, stillness of the mind (sometimes) and general peace and calm. That's not too shabby but I for sure have areas I could greatly improve on.

There will always be a part of me that questions and wants to advance and learn no matter how long my heart beats and my lungs fill with air. For me it's a matter of a life well lived. I feel like if I am just born to this earth and I follow along blindly, just hoping everyone in the world likes me, that I will have wasted my time here. Everyday I will continue to learn, move forward and find a way to be exactly what I was born to be without allowing myself to be a product of all the misinformation and opinions that dominate the perceived order of this planet. If it is all correct and I am wasting my time then I want to come to that conclusion on my own and not by just accepting the ideas of the world I was born into. I want to know positively the things I know. That is what Waking Your Sleeping Soul is.  

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

shoulder, neck and back pain relief

Here are a few things you can do if you suffer from shoulder, neck and back pain as well as a little good news about how your mind creates your health.
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