Monday, October 30, 2017

up is down and down is up

I try to have a thing figured out before I post about it but I'm not sure I'll ever get to the bottom of this. The thing I'm talking about is the great divide. You're either left or you are right, few fall in the middle. I've always leaned left. Well, not even lean, I'm totally all in and not about to compromise left. I see all the people who look at the world so different than me and I look at where they get their information and to me it seems insane that they cannot see through the kind of hate they spread when they exclude other groups. I see a lot of exclusion going on over there and I just cannot be part of it. I'm not even trying to bash people who don't agree with me. I'm just putting it out there like it is in my head and I'm being honest about it. That is all. Please don't stop reading here though cause I might take this in a direction you may not expect.

I take in so much information all the time from so many sources and so many different ideas and ways of being that sometimes, it borders on falling off the edge. I subscribe to Gaia TV and it is a hub of about any seemingly crazy idea you can dream up. Imagine anything and you can probably find it on Gaia. Be it aliens, ancient aliens, JFK conspiracy, secret space programs, meditation, healing, afterlife, pyramids, sacred geometry, earth energy grid, etc. it's all there. Am I suggesting you look into it? No I am not. It will only serve to confuse you as it has me. There are people on there, scientists, astronauts, CIA, journalist, Air Force, NASA, I'm talking high ranking people, who say they know for sure that there are aliens and that they are in and out of our atmosphere on a daily basis. And these people claim that there is a secret space program literally underground that no one knows about where our government is in contact with these aliens. They say that there are space stations all over the dark side of the moon that we fly into and out of all the time. Whether you lean towards believing or not believing (I'm in the latter camp) it can still make you feel crazy just knowing this stuff is out there somewhere. 

So, here's why I even bring any of this up. I cannot figure out what sort world we are really working with. Do we have people on the right convincing their people that they are 24/7 in danger, need a gun and that everyone is their enemy and wants their tax dollars so they can lay back and never have a job. Then we've got the other side where our enemy is global warming, people on the right that exclude anyone not like them, and wealthy people who want to take away any chance we have to help those whose survival depends on getting help. And still there is this other thing where there seems to be some conspiracy to cover any ancient knowledge that could advance civilization. I don't know where to fall anymore. On the one hand I want to turn off Gaia and never think of any of that stuff again but then there are people on there of such high ranking, saying absolute insane things and I cannot understand why they would say these things and risk looking like one flew over the cuckoo's nest, unless it were true. 

The only thing I can figure is this. People put ideas into the world to make money. They sell conservative shit to the conservatives not because it is true but because people are thirsty for it and it will make money. Others sell liberal shit to the liberals because they need to think that the world needs saving and that they are gonna be the ones who save it. The far out there shit like Gaia, sell their ideas to what's left because there is a market for that. They really have all the bases covered. Meanwhile, here we all are, confused, separate and lost at how to move forward. I'm not saying there might not be some basis for some of what we feel but all of it still could be a product they are selling and we are buying. If we all start getting along and loving each other there isn't much of a market for that. It is way easier to sell ideas to keep people separate. If we all were somewhat on the same page we wouldn't go out looking for answers and buying up the ones that seem to support what we already believe. 

So I'm not really sure why I decided to write this but when you read it and look at it from your own lens and twirl it with your own experience, maybe you'll be able to write along with me and help me figure out how we can come together in a place where there is no market for separation. Cause baby, separation is high on the stock exchange in this world we live in right now and I think we need to stop buying shares.
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