Sunday, October 1, 2017

is this just being an adult...cause if it is i don't like it

Come along with me for a minute and lets go back in time to when we were young and dumb. It seems like a much better time than now. I'm not sure it was but it feels like it was when I check in with my heart while remembering it. Have you seen the Member Berries on South Park? Well let's do a little Member Berries montage of our own.

  • Member when you rode off on your bike in the morning and returned later and no one had sent out a search party?
  • Member when the things you watched on TV were silly and meaningless?
  • Member when you kinda liked most people and didn't ride away judging your every interaction with them?
  • Member when you ate all kinds of bad shit and didn't die from it or get sick?
  • Member when you knew what you liked and weren't ashamed of it?
  • Member when you didn't even think about using a gun to gun down some imagined person who might break into your house?
  • Member when your Dad could pass a slow car on the road and they actually tapped the break to let you by instead of getting mad and speeding up to prevent you from passing?
  • Member when you'd pass "the liars table" in a local restaurant and people were laughing and playfully teasing the people at the table whose ideas were a little out there?
  • Member when the news was a place to turn to when you needed to know what was going on in the world instead of a thing feeding you the opinions that they wanted you to have?
  • Member when church was a place you went to be a better person and a place that was concerned with helping the needy instead of a feather for your cap, a breeding ground for hateful politics and a wealth built palace where people go to so someone will tell them God wants them to be wealthy and to stop enabling people on welfare?
  • Member when you were still young enough to look around a room and believe that the people around you just wanted to love each other and do all they could for the betterment of all?
So maybe things were never the way the Member Berries 'member them. Maybe it all appeared that way to the youthful minds of babes yet untarnished by everything we'd learn through life that would lead us to be adults. 

It could be a chicken and egg thing. Maybe the tarnish is the problem and nothing has changed. Maybe the way we were taught to see the world is the problem. Maybe if we'd not be taught it was an ugly place out there we'd still be able to see the real beauty. Maybe the children see what's real and the rest of us just don't know it.

Member when you woke one day and you realized you had a choice that could not be taken from you? Member those scene you play out in your head that only you can control? Member now that your life will be comprised of exactly those scenes that you alone get to direct? Member how what others do really has no influence on your life, only you decide what will influence you? Member how Grandmother used to say you need to sweep your own porch before you go try to sweep someone else's. 

Well, here's your porch and here's a broom.

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