Monday, September 18, 2017

The Energy In The Room

A family member sent me a video of children singing Karaoke. When I watched I couldn't help but be reminded of my inability to perform without looking like someone ran over my new puppy. It's not my thing and it's also not the thing this is about. The video just woke up a thought in me that was laying dormant. 

Here's the meat and potatoes. One person can change the energy in a room. That is why all TV shows have comedians that warm up the crowds before the show starts. It raises the energy in the room and gets everyone tuned to the same frequency. I feel like the people who came up with this may just think that it cheers everyone up and gets them ready to applaud. It does but it goes way deeper than that. The way you can tell is by bringing the room down. You will actually feel the change in your body. I refer you to this video. There is a reason Tony Robbins hypes up his crowd. There is a reason that your body doesn't feel too well after you watch violence or something sad on TV. This is not just a one man/woman show, everyone feels it. If the room is happy and someone comes in with something that brings the energy down it never happens to just one person. It happens to everyone. 

Moral of the story: One person can feed the feeling in the room. Remember that when you are having a shitty day. Remember that when your children are acting in a way you don't like them to act. They could be feeding off of you. Too bad we don't have our own warm up people while we get ready in the morning. It could keep us from having bad days. 

Hands in the middle:
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