Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dear Dictators of The World:

I know that title must sound like a joke but it isn't. Let me start by addressing you all by pointing to this link that holds your names and faces. Surprise, you are all men, fearful little men. There you are, puppet master to the US President. Oh and you, you are the most scared of all.

I know that some of you arrived at your post with strongly held beliefs that with force and a strong arm you would hold dominion over your people. Yes this will do that but at every turn there will be someone waiting to unseat you. You give them no choice. If you were in their position what choice would you have? Knowing they have no choice, you look over your shoulder, believing that you might one day be fatally removed from power. You think if you keep them afraid enough they'll be too fearful to act. There will be some strong soul with love for the people, that they will gladly give their life to see freedom for those people. That strength is the thought that wakes you and stops your deep sleep each night. You do not fear what is but what could be because you know the mind of man and you know he will one day rise. I understand that you may feel that you have no other path because of the power and money that backs you. To cross them would put yourself in the crosshairs as well. What you have may seem like strength in it's showing but when it all comes down to it your strength is just a mask for your fear. Strong people do not need to be feared.

I give to you a better way. I give you a way of true strength that carries no fear. Had you the heart of a lion you would stand for right and you would have no fear of the repercussions. If you free your people you open the door that allows you to stop looking over your shoulder. And if you die trying that would be the greatest death. As it stands now, you will one day die because you have no dominion over death and every ounce of harm you have caused others will feel like the flesh is being burned away from your dying heart. There will be no peace for you.

Take all the time you need to meditate on this. Find a nice quiet spot where you can be alone. Imagine for a moment what it would feel like if your people allowed you power because they love you. Sit with that.

You could sit with that forever but now let's go back and feel what your life feels like everyday that you cause harm to other people.

I'm not sure how you got the wrong idea. It could have been learned from others. It could be that you experienced a feeling of power by bullying someone. Maybe you just wanted to be wealthy and the price was holding your people down to keep money in your pockets and that of your benefactors. Any old way you slice it, you are weak. Standing up would show courage and you've never been able to do that. The man that will take you down for the love of his people has true strength. A man like you has no strength for he fears his own undoing.

Dear Dictators of the World, you have a choice and so far you have been too fearful to make it. You might look to those countries who have freedom at their forefront. You will not see those people plotting to overthrow their government. And you won't see leaders in fear of that. Well, that is until they start seeing signs of liberty being taken away. I'm just saying, you might not have ever weighed your options but it's not too late.    
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