Tuesday, June 20, 2017

so I did that

My horoscope said:

"Venus also happens to be gelling with Pluto, suggesting that deep-seated emotions will intensify a significant bond. Processing private feelings that you find unsettling will empower self-acceptance. Libras often have trouble owning their not-so-pretty emotions such as anger, but in order to love yourself, you must come to terms with the whole truth of what’s inside you."

I think that is certainly true. I never want to be mad. When someone wrongs me I have a tendency to want to forgive them immediately and for sure never hold a grudge. I think that might be making me pissy and of course I don't want to do that either. 

I spent the whole of my ride to work this morning saying into my Instagram stories some things I think but hold back from saying. Well, I say it to the people I'm close to but as far as public, I just let it go. I am a very outspoken person when it comes to the treatment of others but when it's me I'll just get over it. 

This morning I got pissed that no matter what women do in the world they are never treated equal. Men don't get it because they've always had a say. I'm fuckin' tired of seeing women treated like they are less than. I'm fuckin' tired of women being shut down when they try to speak (example: The great "she persisted" Elizabeth Warren & wonderfully"hysterical" Kamala HarrisWe are equal. If you can't see that then you have a complex. It shouldn't hurt your feelings to have to share. That means you are weak. 

I am so lucky to have Bryan because he gets equality in the sweetest of ways. He is so beautiful. 

Then this weekend someone told me that someone I used to date told someone (on facebook) who is a lesbian that she and others like her are going to hell. Come on. This dude is, without a doubt, the worst person I've ever had to share time and air with. He doesn't need to tell anyone anything. Don't you just love people who tell people they are going to hell and do not get what is wrong with that? It totally escapes them. Like I said on Instagram, he probably thinks he won the debate this created. He isn't bright enough to know why he didn't. I could tell you so many stories of how he is the worst person I know but it wouldn't help anything. I already spoke some of it into the air on my stories and in 24 hours it will disappear but I will know that, even if it's gone, I said it. I said it out loud. I owned my anger.

I think I do feel better. 
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