Thursday, June 15, 2017


If you are here reading this blog do you also follow me on Instagram? Cause if you do and you watch my stories then you've probably heard me say things not fit for work or baby ears. I just want to tell you that this is not likely to change and I'll tell ya why.

Words, freaking words! That is all they are. They are all made up of letters and sounds when spoken and moving those sounds and letters around have no effect on how you perceive them. We all get to make the choice about how we react to words. We have been taught how to react to words but you don't have to follow what you have been taught. If your mama taught you Mickey Mouse was a ugly word you'd react the same way you do when someone says fuck. So really fuck is just like Mickey Mouse in that scenario and that makes it seem silly to react negatively to the word fuck when you hear it. Mickey Mouse doesn't bother you cause no one said that was bad.

Why do I say fuck?

I say fuck because when I choose to use it, it's normally because I'm driving home a point and it is the hammer that sinks it into your brain. Fuck is my hammer and when I use it you can bet I am passionate about what I'm throwin' down.

So there you have it and now for this important message:

Disclaimer: If you watch my instagram stories keep your sound down if you are at work or in a place you don't want people to know you are listening to someone who likes to say fuck cause I'm gonna be sayin' it.
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