Wednesday, May 3, 2017

mah new thing

So, I say I'll do better. I'll meditate, take time to do deep breathing, walk, & do some yoga everyday. I cannot tell you why (cause I don't know) but I have had zero disciple over the past year to 18 months. The day will come to and end and I will list, in my mind, all the things I should have done, could have done but didn't. Even with the best of intentions I end up forgetting all of it until it's too late and time to go to bed. It occurred to me a while back that I should use this tiny computer we call a phone to prompt me to do better but after a while that just became one more thing I should have done, could have done but didn't, until I did. I started Monday. I am using the app Alarmed and so far it is doing something for me I've not been able to do alone for 18 months. The plan is to stick to using this app until nature takes over and it becomes part of  how I operate. This app is making it so easy I probably won't want to give it up. Here is my schedule:

4:44 AM Read one chapter of a book
5:00 AM Yoga
5:20 AM Meditation
9:00 AM Take five deep breathes
10:00 AM Positive visualization or affirmation
12:30 PM Take five deep breathes
2:00 PM Positive visualization or affirmation
5:20 PM Walk for 20 minutes
5:35 PM Daily questions (see post below)
8:00 PM Meditation
10:00 PM Take five deep breathes

So it's early on (obvi) but I'll get back to ya on how this works. I'm excited to do these things that I should, could and maybe now will. You know the best part so far is that I don't even have to think about it. My phone does all the worrying so I don't have to think about forgetting. I just check it off as I go. LoVeRs forever. I hope. 
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