Thursday, January 5, 2017

make me love you. i dare you.

I just wanted to write a little note to the next president and put it out into the world for anyone to read who might want to.

I know that when you look at that map that lit up red for you on November 8th it made you feel loved. It made you feel like people preferred you over Hillary Clinton. It doesn't mean that. Please do not be confused by the red color of a state on the map. Just because the state was red on the map, that does not mean that no one voted blue in that state. Those blue votes in the red states are part of the popular vote that spanned however dense or sparse across the country. There are only a few blue spots on the Tennessee map, mind you, but I know numerous people who chose Hillary right here where it lit up red. There just wasn't enough of those blue votes to stop that red stamp.

So let's break that down.
  • 2.8 million more people who voted chose Hillary over you
  • The current US population is roughly 325,327,515 (a good portion of these people are not eligible to vote (not all people counted in the population are old enough to vote 24.0% of them are under 18 (78,078,603)))
  • Hillary got 65,844,954
  • You got 62,979,879
  • This brings the number of people who voted to 128,824,833
  • That leaves 118,424,079 people who didn't vote 
Here is the math:
population        325,327,515
underage          78,078,603
greatest # "possibly" eligible        247,248,912
voted        128,824,833
difference        118,424,079

So, 62,979,879 people voted for you. That leaves 184,269,033 people who did or could potentially in the future (if they ever decide that voting makes a difference) prefer someone other than you. Not to mention that the people who voted for you based on promises you made could change their minds too. You have the potential to be the most hated man in America if you are not already.

Do you know how you might gain the love of the American people? You could try to out Obama, Obama. He already has a great approval rating. Had it not been for ALEC and the Republican party blocking President Obama in every way, no one would be able to out Obama him. People who do not educate themselves on what is going on in this world were told he was taking their guns and let's also not forget that some of those people thought he was either Muslim or the antichrist. If not for all that people would have cleared the pathway to heaven for him. One big difference in you and Obama is that he would love it if you out Obama-ed him. He wants all of America to succeed.

You could also try to out Bernie, Bernie. You already know that most informed people prefer Bernie over you. They also prefer Obama over you. Do you only want the folks who fall for anything or would prefer that more people in the United States approve of you than HATE you? Even the people who normally do not use hate speech are speaking that way about you. The bleeding hearts are hardening.

You could try to out Bush, Bush but most people wouldn't give you love for that. People have only tried to forget the problems his being president brought. Well, come to think of it though, people have begun to prefer George W over you. You are the one person that has made people feel like they'd love to bring him out of his art studio for another spin.

Oh, you could follow along with your billionaire club like it appears you will do. And you could follow along with your Republican party by gutting every system set up to help people in need. And with them you could continue funneling up money to the already wealthy while making the little people think that welfare is a bigger issue. They will fall for it. They always do. You can do all of that and you will never win the respect and love of the American people. Bernie is a perfect example of winning the love and respect of the American people. Bernie is the only presidential candidate to  finally tell people the real truth and he is loved for it. He has rockstar status.

I know it is hard for you to empathize with people you have never had anything in common with. It is probably hard to understand what it is like when the world does not bend to kiss your feet and polish your spoon. There is so much strength in not needing that and so much weakness in needing it. That is another thing you probably are blind to. If you ever truly had to need for something necessary to survive you would be a different person. All of this is sad for you really.

Looking back over all the presidencies during my life I cannot remember a time when the American public seemed to already be preparing themselves for a president that they feel might cause irreparable harm to this country even before you take oath. That is how most of us feel. The ones still unafraid are also uninformed just like the miners you promised jobs you know you will never be able to produce. We know it will not happen and we know why but they believe in you.

You will not find your presidency to be like your rallies. The people in your rallies came because they all love you. I know there were a few that made it in that did not love you but of course you had them thrown out. The difference in being president and rallying to be president is that we will all be showing up and you cannot throw us all out.

You have a choice. Be the man that most people need and make people love you or maybe next year you can wish a Happy New Year to even more enemies. It's your ball.
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