Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm Tired of Being a Good Little Democrat and Playing Nice

As the drunken preacher once said, "I'm tired of so much shit around here that I have to unload on you today."

This Conservative versus Liberal crap is a bunch of horse shit. I know as many good liberals as I do conservatives. In fact, I probably know more good liberals. When did wanting to help people in need become a bad thing? As far as I have witnessed in my life the only real difference in the two is that "liberal" people don't hide their ugly shit behind doors or bury it in the ground. They are up front and in your face with it. That is the real difference. I know that might sting a little and some of you might be searching your mind for some way to prove me wrong and you'd be right. There is always some exception to the rule.

I'll tell you what I know about "conservative" folks. So here is your Harper Valley PTA lesson of the week.

I know that one conservative fellow posts anti-abortion memes on his Facebook page again and again but neglects to say he once paid for one to save himself from embarrassment. I know that he once had a briefcase, filled passed being able to close it, with S&M mailings he got through a PO box he paid for separate from the mail that came to his house. I also know that this person wrote detailed fantasies that he also kept in this briefcase. Some of the details of those fantasies include being kept in a dungeon, forced to crawl on his knees to kiss the feet of his mistress captor and also being forced to drink her piss from a dog bowl and to eat dog food. How do I know this? Because I found this briefcase and took it to my house to see exactly what was in it before I gave it back to him. I almost forgot to mention that he had Polaroids of his penis all harnessed up with leather straps in there too. He is either now or has been the chair of the Republican party in his hometown. I'm not sure because I try hard to avoid him or anything about him. His family hated me but they thought he could do no wrong. I always wondered why his mother didn't like me until he told me that they had a secret baby that died before he was born and that the timing of the whole thing made it apparent that his parents weren't married when his mother was pregnant with this baby. He could have lied to me about this but if it is true I guess maybe his mother was just projecting her own self-hate onto me. His mother told me once that she looked at the people that sat in front of her at church every Sunday and felt pity for the people, just like me, whose souls would never see heaven. That is probably the moment it really clicked for me. It was my ah hah moment.

Turns out another conservative person I know also had a secret abortion. Not only did she have a secret abortion but after that abortion she got pregnant twice more by that same person who was married to someone else. He did finally end that marriage and married her. I remember asking her once how her neighbors were and she told me they weren't the same because of their daughters, as she said it "those girls have just done everything." She said they had done everything. Wow, just wow.

I also know a person who cannot live a day without shouting hallelujah and amen who recently had a pregnancy scare. I was told that she asked someone what she could do to make sure she wouldn't have a baby and the person she asked told her about Plan B (which prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus). She said she sat her down and explained what it is and even pulled up info about it on the internet. Even though we've all had to hear how pure this person is for years she said yes, that is what she wanted to do because it wouldn't matter anyway because she wouldn't really know if an egg was fertilized or not. She did not end up using Plan B  because she called the pharmacy and he got enough information from her to pretty much rule out pregnancy. Will the fact that she was willing to go this route to prevent folks from knowing what she's been up to stop her from judging others for having an abortion? I don't think so. It's not really about who you really are now is it? It's all about who people think you are.

I also know a conservative who is going to prison in a couple of weeks. This person I actually feel a little sorry for. She probably got more caught up in this conservative bullshit propaganda than anyone I have ever known. I've heard she has to pay back part of the money she took but I swear I wish every woman on earth would donate to her to help her pay it all off after she gets out of, what my mom refers to as, prissy prison. She got so caught up in conservative politics until she was so blinded by it all that I don't think she actually knew right from wrong. I know what she did was wrong but had she been a man like the men that helped her to do it all, she might not be going to jail right now. None of them are. Men are found to be corrupt, they go home and have diner with their family. Women are found to be corrupt, they go to prison. Men have sex with their students, they get sent to another school in the same district. Women have sex with their students, they go to prison. She was married to a former conservative TN legislator until the shit hit the fan. She has told several people that on their honeymoon night he hired a prostitute to have sex with her while he watched. I've also been told that she asked 2 separate people to help her drug him so that she could get the video from this night out of his legislative locker so that he couldn't use it to blackmail her. She had multiple affairs with different conservative politicians who were married. I've seen them slap her on the ass in her office and it disgusted me. They all knew exactly what she was doing while it was going on, they supported and encouraged it because she took care of them. It sounds terrible on her part but she didn't do it alone. The sad part is that with all she witnessed of these men, she was doing all the right things to get ahead and she did get ahead. Well, until it made them all look bad and they abandoned her. They were fine with all of it until the magnifying glass came out and then they all scattered to the wind. They taught her everything she knew and then left her with the buzzards circling. It is a shame that any woman is ever made to feel like she has to give herself away if she wants to get ahead. Men have never been made to feel like that. I just look at this situation and all I can see is how tragically she became the poster child for what conservative ideas create.

I could write a book with all the ugly crap I know about people but I've spewed enough of this ugliness here to make my point. I do not know a single solitary liberal who has this much hidden shit in their closet. I don't know one, not one. If you want to know my stuff it's all on in a book on the tab up there marked "book."Let us stop pretending that saying the word conservative means something good.

When I look at this, all I can see is, that people who have the most to hide are generally the ones who shout amen and hallelujah the loudest. So, it would seem, that the only real difference in being a liberal or a conservative is that one group cares more about what kind of person they really are and the other cares more about what kind of person you think they are. It also would seem that when you are caught up in what people think of you and you start driving your demons underground you sometimes become the kind of person who does more terrible shit and who hides more terrible shit. I am in no way making fun of these people or posting this to call them all out. If I were I'd have named names and I'd have provided links to them. It is just truly the only way I know to finally shine the light on this hypocrisy.

When we start trying to hide who we are this is the fruit that it bares.

I challenged myself more than once regarding whether I should write this or not. I can tell you with certainty that my gut says a resounding yes and I always go with my gut. I also know ya'll better read and share this fast because I cannot let this pollute my space here long. I won't be stewing in this. It will be coming back down soon.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


At times we need to take time to untangle all the starts, stops and ends to just dust off our hearts and make them new again. LoVeLoVeLoVe

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

step up on your throne

I positively know what it is like to feel like you haven't been perfect enough for the world but I also know how to get over it. Hope this helps those in need. LoVeLoVeLoVe

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