Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Beautiful Princess and Her Kingdom

I was born a beautiful princess in a kingdom filled with all the wealth I'd ever need. There were no problems, no hate, no worries. I could look to the right of me and see my neighbor's kingdom, equally as beautiful and rich. I could look in every direction and all I'd see was kingdom after kingdom of everyone having everything they needed with no reason to war against another and no need for bitterness or jealousy.

Over numerous years and experiences with the real people outside the dimension that held all the beautiful kingdoms, there was ugliness. I opened the door a little and the outside world began to cross over into my pristine kingdom and then wars began to breakout. People shouted hateful things at one another and called for separation. I could not control it. My once perfect internal kingdom turned dark and scary with the sludge of every ugly encounter of unlove in this world. It went from a beautiful kingdom to a slum with hardly enough light getting through to keep it alive. But all it takes is a little light.

The ugliness only came in because I let it in. I stopped believing in perfect love and started to doubt that it could be real. I woke one day peeking out at the small beams of light breaking through the dark clouds and said enough. From there I began to clean up the whole kingdom realm. I scraped, scrubbed and piled. Once I had all the ugliness gathered up, I tossed it out to another dimension and sealed the door shut with love, light and perfect energy.

Now when someone comes knocking from the outside wanting to bring the ugliness with them I remind myself what happened to my kingdom last time when I let the outside come in. I remember how every act of ugliness that I let in, took it's place somewhere in the kingdom as sludge, that would eventually cover over the beauty. I say to the ugliness, I see you but I cannot let you in. You do not belong here and you never have belonged here.

Note: Of course I'm speaking of this beautiful kingdom here as the way the mind works when it is not burdened with all the ways the outside world shows up for us negatively. The beautiful kingdom is what is with us at birth that gets stripped away as we face the limitations of this world. You all have a beautiful kingdom inside you. Just clean it up and be the friggin' king of that place. It will not take anything from your neighbor for they too have a beautiful kingdom filled with all they need.
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