Friday, December 18, 2015

I'm gonna Seinfeld this one.

How about a post about nothing? Sound good?

Life has been a nice bit of calm lately, if you don't count going to Shopryland after bragging about being too hip to stand in line at Porter Flea. The place was a madhouse. We did get in one kayak trip earlier in the month. Other than that we've been hanging around the casa, going to the movies and concerts and lovin' life. 

I have basically bought every Christmas gift online that anyone is getting from me. Every time I thought about shopping in an actual brick and mortar store I thought about Porter Flea and Shopryland and quickly changed my mind. Me and the B decided not to buy for each other and I've for once kept that promise. We just decided we'd take one another out for diner to the place of our individual choosing after all the hustle and bustle is over. I'll take him to diner and he'll take me. I cannot think of a thing I'd rather have from him than his time. 

I'm excited for the little people to open their gifts. That is what makes Christmas. I think we've done well but we'll see. My family Christmas is this Sunday at Matt's and B's family's will be Christmas Eve. We'll have brunch at the house and open presents with our little family day of the big C. 

No one in our family is getting a gun, knife or any sort of item that one would consider protection. We are claiming our peace and carrying it with us everywhere we go. I guess you can say we'll be armed but not deadly. The world is a crazy place but I'm wishing as much peace and calm as I can out into the world this season and I hope there are others like me out there. If you are out there slide a $20 spot to the next homeless person you see and walk away with no worry as to what it will be used for. It will be used for whatever they feel is most important and that is for sure. No need to judge what that is. 

Peace, love and warmth to ya'll. 
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