Monday, October 12, 2015

name? title? income?

Recently I was filling out an online questionnaire that asked the usual personal questions like, age, job title, income and that sort of stuff. You know, the same old questions we've answered a thousand times. It's who we think we are and why wouldn't we think that? We've answered these questions A THOUSAND TIMES.

This time it occurred to me that I could answer any way I wanted. I didn't have to answer with facts. It amazed me when I thought about how before I had always be so careful to answer precisely. I don't know why. I started thinking about how, not only are the answers fact but also are equal to our self expectations. We go through life being exactly what we think we are capable of and not an ounce more. Most of us never shoot for the stars because we believe with such precision that we are what we fill out in these questionnaires, when in truth we could be whatever we want to be if we allow ourselves to reach beyond. If we cannot do it on a questionnaire then we probably cannot do it in life.

From now on, I'm gonna answer those questions affirming that I have already accomplished what I want from my future and that I have all of the money I could ever need.

You are probably thinking, "Why?" and I say "Why the hell not?" It worked for Jim Carrey when he wrote his self a $10,000,000 check when he was completely broke.

Going forward let's answer these things like our 6 year old self would have. That kid was the one that knew what they were doing. You don't have to lie, just dream big, like really big. So now answer this:

Name? Job Title? Household Earnings? 
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