Wednesday, August 12, 2015

things I do to heal

chillin in the hammock on DHL
riding a bike down the Virginia Creeper Trail
kayaking the Obey
finding fossils and rocks on the creeks.
riding back roads
camping on the lake.
listening to Old Crow Medicine Show in concert.
seeing this guy out my backdoor
being at Romp with two of my favorite people covered in sweat with dirty feet
watching movies I love
hiking Big South Fork and sitting on the porch of Charit Creek Lodge
I realize more everyday that finding peace in everyday experiences is a way we heal what ails us. When you do the things that sooth your soul it helps lift the harm that stress inflicts on your body. It calms the mind and feeds your positive energy. It renews your whole being.

These photos are just a few photos I picked from moments I connected to the kind of peace that heals. I hope you have a collection of these moments too. PeAcE
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