Sunday, July 26, 2015

for the soul

I spent 3 wonderful nights with Dale Hollow Lake as my front yard. The first night it was only me and the B and it was perfect. It was still amazing when the others came in. That first night I sat in my hammock while it gently rocked, with a breeze blowing, sounds of the lake washing onto the bank and the man in my life who is my favorite person to be still with. I turned to him in his hammock and I said, "with everything in our world that makes us sick, the way we abuse our bodies in everyday life with bad eating, work stress and all the other things, we are healing that now." These times in our life are the way we heal our souls. Take note of those moments and really drink them in because they are important and should not be missed. I saw so many yellow butterflies this weekend. I take them as a sign the universe is telling me to pay attention and I did. I paid so much attention. 
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