Friday, May 29, 2015

Night Kayaking

We've made a couple of night kayak trips so far this year. It has been a blast. The first trip was on a new moon and as you could imagine, it was pitch black. The only light we had was from headlamps. It was also the trip where Casey earned her kayak name Goose, Trista became Blow Hole and B's nickname became Chigger Nuts. I'm not sure on the rules of kayak names. I think it might be like Fight Club in that you can't talk about it. So, if you missed that night you'll never know how they got the names. We also unofficially named our group the Cross-Eyed Yeti Yakkers but since then we've made it official.

Never go kayaking if you don't want to become hooked. I'm on my 3rd kayak right now. B bought me a new one I'd been eyeing for a while for Mother's Day. Here I am on it's maiden voyage.

Let's just say, it's a big boat.
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