Friday, March 13, 2015


We are close to a month in trying to start a studio. I'm losing excitement at this point. When we first started I just felt a flood of energy surging through my body, like little butterflies racing up and down my spine. I wish I could have kept that childlike enthusiasm but it was fleeting. We've had bad/cold/wet weather. paint that wouldn't dry, sickness (3 times this year already), Sky needing the truck when we needed the truck, only being able to work there after my real job, tons of waiting on the people in the space before us as well as the person we are renting from and so much cleaning just to get ready to paint.

Over the passed weekend we went by to drop off some things and it was so muddy and the neighbor 4 doors down has decided to put up a rebel flag in the window. That broke my heart. We plan on inviting Kenlee's Girl Scout troop in for crafts and I hate that everyone has to drive by that low vibration eye sore. Did I mention those renters seem to be a band using their space for practice and that they are so loud they seem like they are on the other side of the wall instead of having 3 spaces between us? I hope it is not a total bust like it is starting to feel.

I have such passionate plans. I really do. I want to have nights for meditation, movies, crafts, energy healing, personal storytelling, music and just hanging out. I want to put out signup sheets for hiking trips, biking trips and kayak trips. I just want it to be a space for anyone to come that needs a little calm, peace and sharing in their life. I feel like if I went to the band playing 4 doors down and told them that is why I need them to keep the volume down they'd probably turn it up. Hopefully I'm wrong. I've lost sleep thinking about that conversation.

I really need some good energy sent my way. If you have any to spare keep me, this space and the people who will use it in mind. It will be appreciated.

I think just putting this out there has already helped me to feel better.

Get ready. There will be some photos coming up of how it all came together. I'm anxious to see them myself, since I'm still sitting here nowhere near done and knowing I haven't even been there since last Saturday. I'm happy that right at this moment I feel well enough to get down to it. That was not the case early on this week. So, some things are looking up. 
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