Friday, February 20, 2015


If you don't believe in magic then you are not doing it right. When we were tiny people the folks who loved us thought teaching us about "reality" was the right thing to do. You knew about magic when you came here, we all did. It didn't take long for those people who forgot about magic to teach you it wasn't real. They meant well. These lessons were handed down through generations. It felt real to them and it felt right to show us the way. They didn't mean to get it wrong, they just forgot. 

I search all the time to find ways to be happy and to be able to help others be happy and in my search much evidence has presented itself to me that there is still magic in the world. Since I've started to take notice I can feel it in my bones and it runs chills up my spine. 

You can think I'm off my rocker or you could just open up your heart to receive a little magic and it wouldn't take long until you'd see I'm right. Remember this when you feel stifled in getting your needs met.

Jealousy is born out of your desire to have that thing the other person has because this sort of thing was meant to be yours. You would not have the desire otherwise. You don't go around being jealous of people who have things that you don't desire for yourself. If coin collecting isn't my thing then I'm not going to be jealous of someone who has a rare coin. 

I just posted this on my Facebook page because I didn't want anyone who doesn't click over to my blog to miss it:

If you want something don't just stand around holding the seed for it in your hand. Plant the damn thing in the ground and let nature take it's course. You can't blame anyone else because you never see results if you won't place that seed out there where it can get the sun it needs to grow. You wouldn't have the seed if it weren't meant for you. You want what you want because it's always been yours. You just need to let it grow. Don't you think if Alexander Graham Bell had been meant to be a doll maker that he would have at least been born with some inclination to want to make a doll? You get this. I know you do.

Make a little room for magic. Those people who told you not to were wrong. 
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