Friday, November 7, 2014

how girls?

How did it get taught to girls that we are not the decider? We are the decider just as much as the men we give our love to. B taught me this accidentally. Yeah, I know these sentences are terribly worded but it's what I mean and I didn't want good grammar to get in the way of expressing it.

Somehow the living of life steers the female gender to think that she is waiting on a man.That is what we do. We find a man and then we wait to see if the spaghetti sticks to the wall. If he want's us that is good and if he doesn't, maybe the next one will. No one ever told us that the man is not the only decider, we get to decide too.

How do we find our mate? We spend everyday being exactly who we are. Don't be less for anyone, don't put on more for anyone and don't think you can act your way into the part. Live your life doing everything you love and finding more things to love than you ever knew there was. Be happy. Shine from the inside out. When you are being exactly who you are you will shine a beacon of light into the world and the person who was looking for that exact light will see you from worlds away. When he comes you can decide if he is worth it. If he doesn't accept all of your brilliance send him away. You were meant to shine and no one should ever try to diminish your light.
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