Monday, November 17, 2014

Grammar is Fiction?

I know I'll be challenged on this one but that's okay. I'm flexible in that I will accept that you don't agree but let it be known that there is no changing my mind.

You've all seen the thing going around that's a paragraph where the letters of the words have been jumbled but it can still be read easily. That alone kind of proves my point. Following rules of grammar and speaking with no accent are not required to make a point when communicating.

There are all sorts of people who speak English that do not speak it the way people in America do but they can still get their point across and that is the point communication. Some of those people speak English as a second language. We can also count the British even though originally that is the way our English was spoken. They don't use even close to the same dialect as Americans. There are people like me who were born in the South and either speak very country or with a southern drawl. There are northern accents, Jersey accents and on and on. Words come out of our mouths and conversations are had. Communication has served it's function.

Now, at what point did the rules for the way communication should function come in to play and who was in charge of setting those rules? I don't care about the rules because I don't understand the necessity. I just think that some people feel better if we are all in the same box. Those "same boxers" made the rules because they need them. I, however, do not. Animals don't need rules to communicate and I don't either. I am gonna do it my way no matter what society dictates. There is beauty in being who you are.

The point I want to make here is that it is okay to sound the way you do. It's part of who you are. Don't be ashamed of it. Celebrate it. When people who are ashamed of how they speak keep trying to lose their accent and do so with success, you'll be unique.

Here's a little piece on dialects that I found interesting. 
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