Sunday, September 7, 2014

invisible lives

Life is not meant to be lived in one's head yet there is where it goes down for most people. Even if you do get out of your head from time to time it's almost impossible to stay totally present. The sad thing about this fact is that while living in our head we are always concentrated on living a life that is not real. We spend most of our waking hours fighting battles that will never happen and preparing for the worst that does not come.

What can be done about this problem? Well, when you see that you are doing it you have already won. That is the time that you can say to yourself, "I need to stop this and come back to reality." You can stop seeing everything through your minds eye and start looking out through your eyes at whatever is in front of you. You can make this shift. Once you practice enough that you can actually do it you will be amazed. Most people do not even know they have this power. They don't even notice that they've spent their life looking at life through thoughts in their head like they are watching a movie on a screen inside their mind. When you tell them to look straight out at what is in front of them, they already think they are doing it. The reality is they have never stopped looking at that mind screen at what might happen, what has happened and thinking about what they might have for dinner for even one second. They are essentially living an invisible life in their head of story lines that are not real and never will be.

The most terrible things happening in the world right now happen because people are fighting battles that are only in their own heads. They believe things that are not true because they are never looking at reality.

What is reality? Right now my reality is that I am typing this post while B watches the Titans and Sky is napping in the chair. I can add to that by thinking about having to go back to work tomorrow and all the things that might go wrong. I can add to it by worrying someone I know might have an accident. I can add to it by worrying that unless I get a carrying permit someone might kill me while I'm away from my home. None of that is real. I'd be fighting battles that will probably never happen. Even if they might happen playing them out in my head will not change the outcome. It will only keep my mind in a state of upset. Why would I want that?

I am no expert on staying present but I can tell you this, if things aren't going well for you right now become present in the moment. You might just find that the problem is not as real as it seems. 
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