Friday, May 16, 2014

lurve it up

I know that there are people who never give thought to the path they are following. They let the people they surround themselves with dictate their belief system as well as their likes and dislikes. Sometimes I envy people like that, people who find it easy to put no effort into their being. I cannot tell you they are wrong. Like Thomas Gray says "ignorance is bliss." Not that I am calling anyone ignorant. I just know sometimes it is easier not knowing a thing than knowing it. I can totally get behind that.This is not to say I won't draw a line and when I do, I'll probably just walk away and turn the other cheek like the bible says. Sometimes I'll be vocal with my thoughts but most of the time I realize I cannot change a person and fighting against an act just reenforces the actions/thoughts of that person. It only makes them cling harder. The best way to counteract is to just let your actions tell who you are. You might not win anyone over but at least you will not push them farther away.

My line always starts where bigotry, hate and intolerance is found. If my actions can ever show anyone that it is better to live, let and love than to die intolerant and hateful then I'll be happy to keep my mouth shut about all of it. I feel safe in saying if you stare down the nose of someone who causes you to hate or think that they don't deserve the same rights as others, you might be looking at them through the eyes from which you judge yourself in the same way.

If you ain't lovin' folks as equal then you are hatin' your own self and you are projecting that on them so that you can feel safe again. That is so painful to think. Just imagine all of the people who raise their arms towards hate and fear are only reacting to how they feel about who they are. If you can see it that way you will realize how much sorrow they inflict on their own self. Showing our disdain will not make them more loving. Only love can conquer hate and fear.

The best course of action is to conjure up a big old mental lightening bolt of love and send it their way. I know that is easier said than done. No matter how hard it is, you have to send them love. If enough people do this enough times it will change the climate of hate. Now that is some climate change we could all use.
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