Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hiatus part II

During my search for peace in the way I feel about my job, I somehow stumbled across Martha Beck's book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want. I spent weeks listening to it on Audible every time I got into my car. I'd have to re-write the book in this blog post to tell you all I got from it. I'll just stick to the one thing that was a huge clicking factor in what I was going through at the time.

Have you heard about the idea of it taking 10,000 hours of practice to be a master? Martha used this idea in the book. It became my clicking factor. She said that you have probably already spent 10,000 hours at the task that is your life's calling. She asks you to think about what that might be for you. That was so easy for me. I have easily spent 10,000 hours towards the task of trying to get people to love themselves exactly as they were the day they were born, before life taught them to be something else. I have easily spent 10,000 hours being a mother, which if you think on it is the same thing as the first thing I listed. So add that together and I've probably spent 20,000 hours trying to mother others to happiness.

Once I figured this all out I realized that I've been living my life's calling. I think my problem was that I thought it would be on a grander scale. Martha taught me that the picture I had in my mind about how following my calling would look was holding me back from realizing I was already there. I felt like if I wasn't reaching a large audience then I was on the wrong track. The thing is, I can help 2 people or 200,000 people and it doesn't matter. The number is irrelevant. As long as I do anything to feed the fire in me that drives me to want others to be happy, I'm on the path.

Since finding Eva Marquez I've also started a course in Chios Energy Healing. I'm really enjoying practicing but B probably loves it even more. I can put him to sleep in about 2 minutes with no effort at all and he gets the best naps. He gets all excited if I approach him to do a session.

I am approaching the world these days like a child living each day to the fullest. I can go home at night and not give work a second thought, where before, it was keeping me awake at night. Life is good.
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