Monday, September 23, 2013

the mechanic’s guide to quantum jumping

Take a look at the video to get up to speed. I’ll wait.

So, now that you’ve watched the video let’s take off the mystical training wheels and look at it from a rational stance. You know me and my meat and potatoes logic. I’m always gonna break it down.

Is there a multitude of parallel universes?

Answer, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to believe and it does not have to be real.

Here is a rational breakdown.

Your life is already a universe. It is your universe. This is a message I covered earlier. If you would like to read that first go here and then come back and pick up in this next paragraph.

Obviously based on decisions we make every day we could have a multitude of possible realities. If you decide to sit down in the middle of the road in a busy intersection you might be ran over. You know there are other decisions that you can make in that moment that would better serve you and that is what you will probably do instead.  You have the option to decide. So, in your daily life you live everyday making decisions and the decisions align with what you know. Now, you could go against the grain and make a different decision but the uncertainty will probably keep you from it. If you knew the outcome you’d be more likely to go against what is normal for you but you don’t.

Here ya go. What if you sat for a while and envisioned an alternate you tackling a decision where you go against what you know and you see that alternate you succeed in this vision?  That would be beneficial right? Since that alternate you is just in your imagination (or not if you believe in alternate universes) you don’t have an attachment to what you visualize them doing and there’s no attachment to the outcome. The lack of attachment frees you up to welcome this other possibility.  Then you step into that person in your imagination and bring that possibility back with you. If you can see it you can obtain it. This is a great exercise to allow you to see how it could work if you chose to go one of the thousands of ways you could in any given situation.

Call that magic, call it mystical but I call it common sense. If you can’t see yourself obtaining what you want you are gonna have a hard time getting it. This opens the door to possibilities that you might not otherwise entertain based on what you normally see as your limitations. This removes those limitations even if it’s only in your mind.050

Do it. You don’t have a thing to lose.

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