Monday, July 15, 2013

wherever you are

I had a flash of awareness today that I wanted to share with those of you listening/reading. Goes somethin’ like this…

You are in there somewhere but it’s not where you think. You think it’s in those strongly held beliefs, the way you dress, how much money you have or don’t have, your religious beliefs or lack of, etc. That, as they say, “ain’t” you. 

If that where you, you’d have been that when you were two. Back then you didn’t care about being a CEO or wearing fabulous clothes. You didn’t care about global warming or being a vegan. Sorry ‘bout that. Not trying to stereotype, just saying. You became that over time. It happened to you like catching the flu or getting struck by lightening. 

Here’s the other thing. Everything you see on that screen that you watch your daily life play out on is not true, not a word of it. If you are right about it why are their people who don’t agree with you? Is it really possible that you know everything and that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong? That’s hard to think about, right? What is true is what you knew at the start of understanding or better yet what you didn’t know. See if you can shake off that flu and get unstruck by that lightening and just be. I refer you here:

Now that I’ve dropped you off of not one but two cliffs, I’ll leave you to think about it. 

note: It is not lost on me that am not excluded from these ideas. I’m right here with ya trying to see that blanket truth.
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