Thursday, January 3, 2013


Do we watch a lot of television? Umm, yes. That is why we have decided to keep the TV off until 8:00PM every night. It’s not a hard rule and with the possible withdrawal who knows if we can keep it up. This is the second night and I’m feeling pretty dang good right now.

I’m over here typing up this post while we listen to albums. It’s taking me a while to get this punched out because every once in a while a song will come on and I’ll run over and grab the guitar, banjo or hand drum and try to bang along. Don’t be fooled by that. I can’t play. I really just make it up as I go. My playing a stringed instrument is more percussion than anything else. I do most everything I do by finding my own way. In the case of music, I have to say, B might be suffering for my art. He is such a good sport or loves me far more than I deserve.

He is standing across the kitchen island from me arting it up as I’m conversing with you from what will be the past once it’s met your eyes. Here’s a little pic of what he just showed me.668Before I go here are a few bits of life I’ve found interesting lately, along with 3 pics (the 1st 3) from this movie and one (the 4th 1) from this one. Thought I’d throw them in since I’m confessing my  TV watching guilt. I’d watch these movies if I were you. They are watch instantly on Netfilx.


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