Monday, January 7, 2013



We own 11 acres of land. It is almost all vertical if that makes any sense. We have a tiny spot on top that almost looks like a landing strip that is flat and our house sits there. If you go to the bottom its like walking through a V. There is a path that is flat but on both sides of this path it goes straight up. It’s wooded, rocky and it has a tiny creek if it has rained enough. Our house is on an old dead end road that used to be the old Hwy 53 back in the 60s and people used to dump their old tires in the bottom of our property (we call this part the “Tire Shire”) because no one lived out here on the entire road. It’s sad but in a way it adds to the fun. We used part of the tires to say hi to company passing through. It is such an adventure to go to the bottom. You can’t really get there from where our house sits. You have to go down to the main road and enter at it’s lowest point. I love it down there but we’ve only done it a couple of times.

Sunday we took our niece Kenlee and she had such a good time that I think she will probably always remember it. She was flying high when we came out. She calls this our house and I think it just thrilled her to think that land belongs to us and she got to play on it. I told her if we go back we’d use accents and pretend to be princesses. It might be a few years before we do it again because we got in a bit of trouble with her Mom for taking her down there. I don’t blame her really. It does look very dangerous to access unless you have done it. I will definitely get permission next time though. I was sorry for causing trouble but other than that it was a perfect day. I told B that it was by far my favorite day spent on our property and believe me there have been plenty of great ones.

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