Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the untethered soul


This book, a stroke of brilliance. For years I have queried about what seems to be the default of our brains. It’s been my thought, “why must our brains be hard set to the random flowings of this and that and all over the place, when it would make more sense if the default was peace, calm and awareness?” I wanted to have dialogue along this line but I couldn’t find folks who cared to talk about it or literature that addressed it…until now. I found myself saying an audible yes to almost every line that I read. It is a bit repetitive but I’m sure the repetition was to stretch the simple idea in to a length upon which a book could be based. Please read it. You can find so many things in a day that could change your life but I’m willing to bet this might be the last one you’ll need.

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