Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peace, Love & Happiness Day

I’ve been thinking about my 12-12-12 plans and the more I think about it the more I can’t wait. I really want lots of little people there. I think they might aid us adults in seeing the magic of it all.

I have already been doing some outdoor decorating.


Last night I ordered a bunch of noise making devices. I ordered 4 different types of hand drums, rhythm sticks, wood blocks & mallet, maracas, shaker eggs & a guitar. I already have a banjo, tambourine, bones & ukulele. I just thought it might be awesome if we could make some sort of music all together even if it sounds terrible. It’s just a way I thought we could get the group to unite as one. We might also be able to get folks to participate by doing some solo acts if anyone is feeling in to it. I know Kenlee can help on this level. She is always instigating some sort of show everyone has to participate in.

My vision for the night is that a group of folks get together, eat, make music, dance around wildly and act like we might if we were still 5 years old. I’m hoping everyone comes with a sense of adventure and they leave there adulthood at home and just follow along with the children as if we were all one of them.

Everyone is invited. So, come and bring your friends.

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