Thursday, September 13, 2012



You meet people like him everyday, I know you do but it still makes me no less proud.

This is my oldest sibling Joey. He is 14 months older than me and maybe the bullheadedest (not a word I know but I don’t cop to the foolish restraints of grammar) person I know. He hated school when he was younger but he has always loved coaching basketball. I won’t claim to know his stats but almost every girl’s high school team in the surrounding counties went to the state championship this year and this man coached starters on all those teams in AAU. No one around here doubts his abilities.

A few years back he, with the help of his insistent wife, decided to go to college. Three years later and you can see in the photos he succeeded. He is 47 now and teaching his first year of school so that he can earn a living being what he wants to be, A COACH.

You can have what you want…

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