Wednesday, August 29, 2012

from 7-2-12

Today, between snooze alarms, I dreamed. I dreamed that I was standing in front of a dam that had an enormous amount of water backed up behind it. At some point someone (Alec Baldwin/crazy huh?) opened the spillway and when he did the water started pouring with so much pressure behind it that it burst the dam (thinking with engineering in mind that doesn’t sound possible but it was a dream). I could see the water coming towards me and I knew that I would die. I turned my back to the water, threw my arms open wide, looked to the sky smiling and said, “I have had a happy life. I would not change a thing. Thank you world.” I never dreamed of dying like this until I did dream of dying like this. I couldn’t think of a better way to go than to see it coming and have the chance to thank the universe for my happy life. Who wants to die? Certainly not me but it felt good that I could dream I was dying and my only thought was to proclaim gratitude for a happy life.
I want everyone to feel gratitude for a happy life and that is why I have this blog. 

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